Residential AC Service, Repair & Sales

SUNCOAST  understands that malfunctions in air conditioning units can cause frustration as a homeowner, especially when you factor in the heat of sunny South Florida!

SUNCOAST A/C Technicians are specially trained to provide the most effective installation and repair for your home. Our Suncoast technicians also attend regular training to always stay up to date with the latest residential developments in air conditioning installation and repair.

Our experienced residential technicians offer home service that will guarantee optimal air performance and this will always include a home diagnosis of malfunctioning air conditioning units along with an estimate of the cost for repair or any necessary installations. Why settle for a company that is not going to give you a guarantee? Go with Suncoast and count on service that has not only a guarantee but also knowledgeable techs that you can count on.

Suncoast has been in business for many years and has continually brought top level air conditioning service to the community of south Florida. When you call us you can count on us answering the phone right away and having someone out to your home in less than an hour. We promise to never do work without letting you know what is going on and providing you with a completely honest estimate. Our team is able to do most repairs the same day to make sure that you are not sitting in the dark, or even worse the heat.

WE provide biyearly residential service agreements to maintain perfect climate control.
SUNCOAST takes precautionary and preventative steps for homeowners to make sure residential a/c units are working properly.

Whether you are troubleshooting a problem or working on a new installation, safety of your family is always of utmost importance to SUNCOAST!

Maintaining your residential unit with new filters, unclogging drain lines, installing and repairing proper electrical connections, cleaning coils, duct cleaning, and thermostats has become a specialty to over three generations of SUNCOAST Certified and Licensed Technicians.

Suncoast licensed and certified technicians offer the best in industry troubleshooting and repair services. Suncoast will always offer new air conditioning installations that get you up and running in no time.


We can now hook up your thermometer to your wireless devices!!

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