Summer is Here: Have You Serviced Your Air Conditioner?
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Apr, 19 2019

The seemingly never ending Florida summer is almost upon us. Summer means six months of temperatures above 85 degrees. All of the extra heat outside can put a strain on your air conditioner inside. However, you can prepare in advance and save yourself sleepless nights. The hottest days of the summer put the most strain on your A/C unit. To avoid a costly repair or going days without air conditioning, you may want to think about scheduling an air conditioner service now.

It’s Not Just the Heat

In South Florida, the average temperature during the summer months approaches 90 degrees. But temperature isn’t the only factor in the extra load on your air conditioning system. You A/C system also removes moisture from the air in your home. If you have ever been outside during a Florida summer, you know that there is plenty of excess moisture. The average humidity in South Florida is 90%. All of this extra moisture in the air puts a greater strain on your A/C unit. The excess humidity can wreck serious havoc on your unit. If your unit is old or not large enough all of the extra strain can cause it to break. A new A/C unit is much more expensive than an air conditioner service.

Humidity in the home can cause the air to feel warmer than it is. This could make for a decrease in the comfort level that you are used to. There are some tips to keep the humidity in your home in check. Managing humidity in your home will help to keep electric costs down and reduce strain on your HVAC system.

  • Installing a central dehumidifier is one way to combat high humidity. However, this is a costly option. An HVAC specialist can recommend a dehumidifier that will work with your A/C system.
  • A stand alone dehumidifier is also an option. This is a much smaller and less costly machine that will remove moisture from the air. These units range in price from $100-$300 and are available at most home improvement stores.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner Service?

The short answer is yes. If it has been longer than a few months since you have had an air conditioner service, it is probably a good idea. Scheduling one during the cooler months of the year may seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t. You’ll most certainly want your A/C working all summer long without interruption. Scheduling an air conditioner service is a good way to make sure this happens. Just like most problems in life, preparation is key. You don’t want to find out during the week of the first summer heat wave that you have an issue with your air conditioning that may takes days to fix. A licensed and certified HVAC specialist can alert you to any possible problems and have them fixed long before you A/C breaks and you’re stuck sweating.

The Benefits of Routine Air Conditioner Service

There are numerous benefits to routine air conditioner service; we are just going to touch on a few.

  • Reduce AC Repairs: This may seem obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Taking care of your A/C routinely can save you money. Routine maintenance is easy and therefore cheap. Letting your A/C go without any service will lead to much more costly repairs. Changing the oil in your car prevents the engine from seizing. The same premise is true when it comes to your air conditioning.
  • System Longevity: Routine air conditioner service can help your system last much longer. A brand new system is expensive, and you want to avoid buying a new one as long as possible. Routine maintenance can cost between $100-$300 a visit; a brand new HVAC system can cost between $3,000 and $5,000.
  • Lower Electric Bills: An efficient air conditioner reduces your monthly electric bills significantly. During summer in Florida, your air conditioner is responsible for more than 50% of your energy usage. So, you can imagine that an efficient machine will reduce your electric bill drastically.

As you can see, regular air conditioner service may cost money upfront, but it will save you in the long run.

SunCoast Can Handle It All

SunCoast has been servicing South Florida for more than 30 years. They can help you with all of your A/C needs. Whether you just need an air conditioner service or you need to have your entire unit replaced. There is no job to big or small for SunCoast.

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