Tips For Making Your AC More Efficient
Making Your AC More Efficient
Mar, 15 2019

Making your AC more efficient doesn’t require you to be a heating and cooling technician. In fact, there are many ways to enhance your unit’s performance without having to break out the toolbox. If you have noticed your air conditioner lacking recently, it may be time to take a look under the hood. But before you have a professional come out to look at your AC, you may be able to address the issues yourself. See below for some helpful tips to make your air conditioning more efficient without breaking the bank.

Find Air Leaks and Seal Them

Air leaks are a common occurrence in homes. They contribute massively to heat-gain problems. Older homes are more susceptible to gaining air leaks. It is essential that you find air leaks in your home and seal them as soon as possible. You can find air leaks relatively quickly in a variety of ways. One method is to wait for a cold day. Turn your heat on and run your hands along the frames of doors and windows to spot where cold air is getting in. You can seal the leaks by using caulk and weatherstrip located at hardware stores. By doing that, you will minimize heat gain problems and prevent the cold air produced by your air conditioner from escaping.

Keep Your Outdoor Condenser Unit Clean

It is easy to forget about taking proper care of the outdoor unit. It is a known fact, however, that the unit will work most efficiently when it is clean and clear of debris. You can clean your condenser on your own, but a thorough cleaning by a professional can play a significant role in making your AC more efficient.

Minimize the Amount of Sunlight and Heat Entering the House

By minimizing the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home, you improve the efficiency of your air conditioner at the same time. Use large curtains or window tinting to reduce the amount of hot light entering your home. When the indoor temperature remains constant against hotter times of the day, your AC will work smoothly with improved efficiency.

Avoid Using Some Appliances during the Hottest Hours of the Day

There are some appliances in your home that generate a substantial amount of heat. You need to manage how and when you use them to avoid battling your AC’s efforts. Try not to use your dryer and oven during the hottest time of the day to keep your AC from overworking. You can even make some minor lifestyle changes during the summer. Cook outside or cook less and try using a clothesline instead of the dryer.

Ensure That Your Insulation is in Good Condition

When your insulation is tight, there will be fewer instances of air loss and heat gain issues. When you have exposed ductwork (ductwork that runs through unconditioned space), leaking is inevitable unless you insulate properly. It is best to have a professional work on your insulation.

Ensure That Air Filters Are Clean

Dirty air filters drastically slow air circulation and make your AC work harder. Check the air filters at monthly to ensure they are clean. One of the simplest ways of making your AC more efficient is to clean or replace your AC regularly or per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Make Sure That the Vents Are Clear

Your vents need to be clear at all times. Different seasons, weather events, and incidents can create a substantial blockage. Vacuum and keep the vents clear a few times per year to help make your AC more efficient.

Place the AC Unit Under Shade

Place the outdoor unit under shade if you want your air conditioner to perform optimally. Natural shading from overhead trees can be great, but you can also install a cover to ensure that it is well shaded. Doing so can improve efficiency by 10%, according to energy experts.

Go for Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances

There are still some individuals who use incandescent bulbs in their houses. This and some other appliances put out a lot of heat. It is important that you ditch such devices and invest in energy-efficient ones. Some options include halogen or LED light bulbs. Look at your major appliances to see if they have energy-efficient ratings denoted by a sticker. If not, it may be time to think about replacing them with one that uses less energy and produces less heat.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

By adjusting the temperature setting, you can meaningfully improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. A smart thermostat can automatically change the temperature at different times of the day to suit your cooling needs. This can significantly contribute to making your AC more efficient without a lot of effort on your part.

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