5 Tips for HVAC Spring Maintenance
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Mar, 01 2019

It’s a good idea to conduct some HVAC Spring Maintenance every year when winter comes to an end. During the cold months, your heating and cooling unit may undergo stress and incur damage. Before you start cranking the A/C for the warmer months, consider doing some spring HVAC maintenance to keep your unit from malfunctioning. If you live in an area with unusually cold winter seasons, your outdoor equipment is susceptible to damage, cracks, and various problems affecting performance. Even minor HVAC spring maintenance repair activities can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and extend the life of your investment. For more information on keeping your HVAC system up and running for years to come, see our five tips for maintaining your unit in the spring.

Do an Energy Audit

Before you dive into fixes, you need to know what’s wrong. An energy audit helps you identify any areas that may be of concern that could use a little extra attention during maintenance and repair. An audit should give a clear comparison between the current system performance data and the optimum level of performance the manufacturer of the equipment has assured. The areas found to have differences between the two values reflect existing problems hindering the proper functioning of equipment. Give these area given priority during maintenance. Afterward, test the fixes to confirm whether the changes you made result in improved readings.

An energy audit should be able to determine:

  • How much energy the HVAC system consumes on average
  • Periods and areas in the building where the energy costs are highest
  • Where the usage is lowest.

Identify the areas afflicted by energy loss mark them for repairs. At the end of an audit, the report compiled should include areas that are high risk to the overall condition of the system, like old components, and suggestions on how to reduce energy costs.

Replace Filters

Filters are among the most prolific and essential components of HVAC systems. Part of your HVAC spring maintenance should include cleaning, drying, or replacing all the filters in your home. Old and malfunctioning filters should be replaced and upgraded where possible. In particular, the furnace filter has been shown to influence energy usage of an HVAC system by up to 15 percent, making the cleanliness of filters a chief area of focus during spring maintenance. Failing to clean or replace filters can result in excess power usage, inefficient heating and cooling, and long-term malfunctions. This simple fix can go a long way.

Get an HVAC Protection Plan

The HVAC protection plan is an affordable and accessible way to ensure that when a maintenance issue concerning the HVAC system arises, you can get the repair without having to incur expensive repair bills. Obtain this protection plan to minimize risk in the months between the maintenance schedule. Some homeowners opt for a monthly service plan, which can keep their heating and cooling units and vents free of debris and issue for years.

Schedule AC Tune-up

Schedule an AC tune-up for some time between the current and the next HVAC spring maintenance interval. This tune-up serves as a status report of how well the HVAC system is holding up after the previous maintenance. It also shows areas that may need urgent repair and which areas will need replacing in spring. The tune-up gives you vital information and enables you to plan and budget in advance. A tune-up checklist includes:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning the wash condenser coil for sustained efficiency
  • Lubricating motors
  • Inspecting for any new leaks in joints and valves
  • Calibrating the thermostat for current and expected conditions
  • Recording the amperage draw of the air compressor

Having trouble performing your own A/C tune-up? Contact us for information and professional servicing options.

Add a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is compatible with most other smart devices, such as a cell phone and tablet. Among the many benefits of a smart thermostat include:

  • Control from anywhere you have a smartphone
  • Customized heating and cooling profiles based on user or time of day
  • Regular maintenance reminders and issue reports
  • Energy usage reports

Do you often forget to change the settings on your HVAC? Does this cost you a lot of money on energy? A smart thermostat addresses this quickly and effectively. You can easily set the energy usage to a minimum when there is nobody at home, and get system alerts and notifications if a component isn’t working correctly. Smart thermostats take out the guesswork of HVAC spring maintenance repairs. Save time, money, and energy by installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Suncoast Air Conditioning Gets the Job Done

The Do-it-Yourself approach is admirable. But we here at Suncoast Air Conditioning understand the ins and out HVAC repair. If you run into any problems while attempting to fix your A/C, give us a call. Our specially trained and certified team can assess, diagnose, and correct any issue you may have. Call us today to schedule a service or get more information.

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