Why You Should Install A Smart Thermostat?
Install A Smart Thermostat
Feb, 04 2019

Why You Should Install A Smart Thermostat

Do you want to install a smart thermostat in your home but believe it’s too hard to achieve? Or do you think you need to replace your entire HVAC system to do so? Smart thermostat installation cost is low compared to the savings and benefits you receive over time. If you want to know how to replace an old thermostat, a smart product is the way to go. Smart products incorporate new technology and internet connectivity to integrate with your life easily.

So why choose an obsolete product when you can have the best the market has to offer? If you are curious about replacing your old thermostat, a smart thermostat provides several benefits in terms of saving you money and convenience. Most people who dislike having to use technology still report that using a smart thermostat is simple. Learn more about why you should install a smart thermostat in your home with the information below.

Save Money on Bills

If this isn’t reason enough, we don’t know what is. Some studies from prominent smart thermostat manufacturers show savings of up to 15 percent on cooling and between 10-12 percent on heating per year. On average, this is approximately $130 – $150 in one year. Of course, the savings potential relies on several different factors, including:

  • Your energy provider rates
  • The weather in your region
  • The insulation in your home
  • The location of your home

With heating and cooling being a large part of a home’s energy consumption, a smart thermostat could aid in your attempts to save money on bills overall. Curious how they do it?

Convenience and Control

You can save money on your cooling and heating bills with the amount of control you have over your thermostat. If you find yourself forgetting to change the temperature before you leave the house, or not wanting to get up from the couch, a smart thermostat is convenient in the following ways:

  • Apps – Depending on the thermostat and app features, you can manipulate settings from:
    • Your phone
    • A tablet
    • Work
  • Voice control – Some smart thermostats work with other smart devices within your home, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Once you pair them, you can use your voice to adjust the temperature in your room without getting up.
  • Control – Whether you forgot to raise the air conditioner or want it warm and toasty by the time you get home, you can set the temperature at any time of the day.

Have you ever been at work and realized you forgot to change the settings on your thermostat? Or perhaps the programming didn’t go as planned. Wherever you are, you can check the settings of your thermostat and adjust them from an app. It’s that easy. Get control, convenience, and peace of mind with the push of a button.

Ease of Use

When you install a smart thermostat, the interface is easy to understand and manipulate. Most have on-screen instructions and color displays with intuitive controls. You can easily identify the current temperature, change it, or schedule it according to your needs without needing a hefty user manual.

Track Energy Usage in Your Home

If you install a smart thermostat, it tracks the amount of energy you are using over time. Your app can show you graphs reporting on how you use power during different seasons. It can also tell you how much you are saving or spending, as well as offer recommendations to save on energy.


Smart thermostats can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, as well as other smart devices in the vicinity. Use your smart thermostat to control your home’s temperature and any compatible smart humidifiers or air purifiers. These features are especially important for families with children with allergies or sensitivities.


It’s called a smart thermostat for a reason. It learns the habits of the home inhabitants and energy usage over time. If you prefer, you can allow the smart thermostat to operate based on the data it collects. It can optimize for energy savings or user preferences, as needed.


Do you have an analog thermostat? Or do you have a digital thermostat that seems old and obsolete? When you install a smart thermostat, you can download software upgrades that enhance its performance over time as new technology and features become available.

Other Useful Features

Have you ever put off changing your air filter for months? Did you even know you need to change your filter? A smart thermostat tells you when it needs a new filter and when to conduct other maintenance for the longevity of your unit.

Talk to an HVAC Expert

Are you having trouble with your current HVAC unit? DO you want to install a smart thermostat but need help with installation? Our team of experts can repair or replace your thermostats and units when you need us the most. Call us today to schedule a service or to find out more about how we can help you.




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